Reflecting on Michelle Obama 

I recently was thrilled to be in the audience at a talk given by Michelle Obama. She was a keynote speaker last month at Inbound 2017, a digital marketing/sales conference, which drew attendees from around the world for four days of inspiration and education. Approximately 21,500 people were in attendance at the event held in Boston, and Michelle’s keynote was eagerly anticipated by everyone.

Roxanne Gay, author, interviewed Michelle on a wide range of subjects on what life was like in the White House, her upcoming book, thoughts on the current occupant, and her favorite track on Beyonce’s Lemonade album (Love Drought).

I’ve always felt Mrs. Obama was and continues to be a great role model for all women, and I am eagerly awaiting her book to be published. She is classy, wonderfully intelligent with a great sense of humor, and always gracious. Comparisons to the current occupants of the White House are inevitable and the Obamas set a high bar that won’t easily be met. Their conduct should be a standard for anyone seeking that office instead of that bar sinking lower and lower, tweet by tweet.

If ideals like putting family first, quality healthcare and education, common decency and equality are values you care about, then vote Democrat to get us back on track.  Start by becoming involved in local elections.  Give us a call today or fill out this form.

Michelle Obama and Roxanne Gay
She talked for 45 minutes and I could have listened longer.
I must say I love her shoes!

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