Help Needed

Pam Wittkoski is running for Moultrie County Treasurer and Gary Smith is running for County Board this November. We need volunteers to pass out flyers, walk parades, and attend other events. Would you be willing to help? Bethany Homecoming Parade, Sept. 23 at 3:00 pm Sullivan Homecoming Parade, Sept. 30 at 4:00 pm ALAH Homecoming Parade, Oct. 7 at …

March with Glenn Poshard

Join Glenn Poshard and others for a march around the Moultrie County Courthouse, Friday, October 9 at 2 p.m. For more information, see below. A note from Glenn Poshard: Former Congressman, candidate for Governor, Glenn Poshard Our beloved country is filled with hate and division.  Not against the common enemies of democracy which dwell outside …

Brunch @ 6

Join other Democrats on August 31 at Brunch @ 6 this year via Zoom. We’ve had many great speakers in the past including Mayor Pete and Nancy Pelosi. I wonder who will be speaking this year!!? Buy your ticket today.

Open House

We will be having an Open House at our new Democratic Headquarters at 16 W. Harrison St., Sullivan, IL.  Visit us at our new headquarters and pick up candidate literature, yard signs, and bumper stickers. We will have refreshments, also. Come out and support your local Democratic candidates.


We have moved into our new Democratic Headquarters at 16 W. Harrison, Sullivan, IL.  We are planning on having an Open House soon, so keep an eye out for news about this event. In the meantime, if you need candidate signs or just information about a candidate, call us at (217) 460-1561.